Service Charge Letters to Landlords

We are urging all housing association tenants and residents to write to their landlord’s Board Chair demanding remedial action on service charges.

To make it easy, we have produced template letters for the largest landlords and included the Chair’s email address. There is also a generic letter for all others.

The templates are in Word format and you can add further details relating to your own situation as required.

Landlord Specific Letters:

Notting Hill Genesis Note (10/12/20)

Due to the high volume of letters sent to NHG in the 24 hours since the template was produced, the landlord has blocked all emails to the Chair of the Board’s direct email address. Instead, we are advising you to post the text of the letter into the chat facility of the customer dashboard here. This will mean that you receive a reference number and should get a response.

Generic Template

The generic template can be used for all others – just add details where indicated:

Service Charge Letter Template

9th December 2020

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