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Outsourced Repairs: A False Economy

Hexagon Housing spent almost £7m on repairs and maintenance in 2019, an increase of nearly 14% on the previous year. But does it receive value for money? Or is too much being squandered through outsourced sub-contractors? The landlord owns or manages around 4,300 houses and flats in south-east London. The organisation promises to deliver decent,… Continue reading Outsourced Repairs: A False Economy

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The Corporate Turn

Hexagon Housing Association: From Community Housing Association to Corporatised Property Developers, and (hopefully) Back Again! Guest written by Hexagon residents Join SHAC@Hexagon for tenants and residents Between 2009 and 2019, our Hexagon Housing Association has been transformed by the chief executive (CEO) and allies from an open and accountable social landlord into little more than… Continue reading The Corporate Turn

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Hexagon Awarded ‘Golden Flush’ for Secrecy

By SHAC@Hexagon On the eve of the Hexagon Housing annual general meeting, SHAC members at Hexagon have presented the organisation with a 'Golden Flush' award for 'Secrecy, Spin, Deception and Unaccountability'. See the prestigious award here Hexagon members argued forcefully for the award, saying that Hexagon (HHA) has truly flushed away its own core values… Continue reading Hexagon Awarded ‘Golden Flush’ for Secrecy