About the Directory

See below for details of Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) and their umbrella bodies. SHAC supports the development of democratically run TRAs as a means of empowering people. A report by the London Assembly recognised that TRAs can offer

“independent tenant voices … a positive way for residents to engage with landlords … [TRAs] have long been used for residents to engage with social housing landlords. TRAs can build a sense of community and provide an effective collective voice.” Housing Committee Report 2018

Our aim in compiling the directory is to facilitate coordination and mutual assistance amongst groups on the basis of either a common landlord or locality. Contact us to add yours. If you would like to set up your own TRA, please see our Resources page.


The following links should help you find local tenant and resident groups in your area. A mix of tenures are represented, not just housing associations. If you would like to add your TRA to the directory, please use this simple form.

Housing Association Specific Websites and Email Addresses

Housing Association Specific Facebook Pages

Regional and Umbrella Groups

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