Restore Our Neighbourhoods!

Our Homes, Our Jobs, Our Neighbourhoods!

Join us for the protest and send a message across the sector

Peabody plans to drastically cut its Neighbourhood Managers and has done away with the Community Services team. We believe these cuts will cost lives.


Join us for the protest: Restore Our Neighbourhoods
4.30pm – 6pm
Wednesday 19th February 2020
Peabody Group Head Office, 45 Westminster Bridge Road, South Bank,London SE1 7JB

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The organisation has lost valuable staff trained to intervene in domestic violence, abuse, and anti-social behaviour cases. The service now lies within a depleted team of Neighbourhood Managers, with less time , fewer resources, and less specialist expertise for supporting tenants, residents and service users.

These cuts put the physical and psychological welfare of service users and staff in danger, and are being implemented on the pretext of efficiency savings. Yet Peabody reported a surplus of £149 million in 2019 and the cuts are designed to save just £1 million. The savings however will not be used to reduce rents or service charges, or increase frontline staff pay. As one tenant said:

“Peabody consistently cut back services but say they are being made more efficient and it’s for our benefit. When challenged how cuts make things better, Peabody won’t say!”

Cuts to neighbourhood services are evident in too many housing associations. A sector worth c £20 billion must stop squeezing staff, cutting services, raising service charges, and dismantling both staff and tenant democracy. 

Join us for the protest and demand that our landlords and employers restore these vital services!