SHAC Rater Results

SHAC Rater: The ratings site for housing associations tenants and residents.

By popular demand, SHAC has set up a website for rating housing associations. It allows tenants and residents to express their view of their landlord.

SHAC Rater The site is simple and quick to use, with star ratings up to ten. Please give it a go and if you like it, please share.

SHAC Rater Results – 20th May 2019


3 thoughts on “SHAC Rater Results”

  1. There needs to be a performance indicator field for Bullying as the social housing sector is shot through with it as everyone knows but unless it’s explicitly scored for in 0 – 10 way its invisibilised as problem. Ditto for equality , diversity , complaints handling , poor pay , etc. Abandoning exquisitely polite bureaucratic framing & sector serving jargon & being more specific , problem centred & blunt would most likely motivate more tenants & workers to take time to rate their social landlords & employers & encourage landlords to take more notice or let them know they ignored ratings at their peril.

    A link to contacts for board members & funders / investors would help too , automate as much of the rating & tried & tested bringing pressure to bear behaviour changing process as you can so that tenants & housing workers can very quickly & effectively highlight specific problems with their landlords & employers & nudge back.

    Oh & if someone could anonymously post name of MP L&Q’s bullying CEO David Montague went berserk at his staff over after their kid experienced repair problems that would help, not that I think MP or kid was to blame but when HA CEO’s give preferential treatment to MPs kids that doesn’t make anyone forced to complain to their MP about problems with L&Q or other HAs which partner with or suck up to local & central government bodies/politicians enough as it is feel over confident about being supported by their elected representatives. Ditto for workers bullied by social landlords.

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