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5 thoughts on “SHAC Registration”

  1. The landlord bears poor regard for existing tenants. This manifests itself in slack response to and poor performance with regard to repair issues. The undermining of previous attempts to organise a tenant/resident association and the blocking of resident’s access to the housing estate’s onsite community hall facility, choosing instead to hire the community hall to external groups, unconnected with the housing estate. Seemingly on a purely commercial basis, despite the fact that this facility should rightfully be designated as a resource for the use of the residents of the Granby Housing Estate in East London.


  2. Like the £350m PW promised for the NHS PRE Brexit vote….L&Q pledged over £60m investment into 1700 properties previously owned by Lewisham .
    These were gifted to L&Q fir £20m .
    This is why residents voted them in .
    Absolute con . 10 years on . Service Charges doubled . Extortionate amounts charged fir routine maintenance. False accounting …


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