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SHAC@MTVH was formed to campaign for a better deal for tenants and residents of Metropolitan Thames Valley.

The primary improvements our members want are better repairs and maintenance, genuine tenant and resident engagement, fair rents and service charges, and addressing issues for shared owners.

Our MTVH branch held its first meeting at the end of July, bringing together representatives from estates across the South East, and individuals who wanted to get involved in campaigning.

As well as providing mutual support, the group identified a series of issues to raise with the MTVH executive. These were subsequently presented to the chief executive and senior managers by a SHAC delegation in August. The next meeting with the MTVH executive will take place in early November 2022.

North Court Residents Annual Report – A Bit More Honest!

Our SHAC@ pages allow tenants and residents to post information that they think others will find interesting and relevant.

In August 2022, we received the document below from North Court residents. As their introduction explains, residents produced the report “to offset MTVH’s own glossy annual report which fails to mention the day to day reality of living in a MTVH shared ownership property … they have over the years regularly failed to address our concerns.”

We have published the report below as others may wish to do the same.

SHAC@MTVH Meetings

The SHAC@MTVH group is open to all tenants and residents of the landlord and has begun meeting every six weeks. Register with SHAC to receive an automatic invitation to all meetings, and regular updates.

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