SHAC@THCH was formed to campaign for a better deal for tenants and residents of Tower Hamlets Community Housing, and specifically to oppose sharp hikes in service charges. It now has its own Steering Group of tenants and residents to direct campaigning.

Viewing Service Charge Accounts

We are encouraging all tenants and leaseholders to write to THCH asking to view the receipts and invoices relating to your service charge bill. You can download our template letter and just replace the text in red with the relevant details.

Letter to THCH Board and Executive

We have written to the THCH board to set out what tenants and residents want, starting with a complete retraction of the gross service charge increase for this year. It also includes some longer term demands to improve the condition of THCH estates, instead of the managed decline residents are seeing.

Letter to the THCH Board and Executive – 22 April 2021

Joining the Campaign

To join the campaign, visit our Group Registration page. See our article giving background on the chargesTHCH: Drop the Service Charges Now!

Justice for THCH Residents Protest 7th April

On the 7th April, SHAC was proud to stand with Justice for THCH residents at a socially distanced protest to show the landlord that the planned sharp service charge increases must be dropped. See the protest pictures here.

Local Campaigning

Campaigning has already begun in the local community. MP Apsana Begum has been contacted and has written to the THCH Executive.

Letter from faith leaders opposing the service charge increase

Letter from Apsana Begum MP opposing the service charge increases