Linking Tenants, Residents, Housing Activists, and Workers

SHAC is a network of tenants, residents, workers and activists in housing associations and cooperatives.

Together we campaign to improve the lives of those who live in housing association properties and to reduce the commercialisation of the sector.

We are fighting to freeze social and shared owner rents, and service charges – see more here

We demand genuine tenant and resident democracy, improved repairs and maintenance services, reduced rents and service charges, better health and safety provisions for all, and an end to the exploitation of housing workers.

We are aligned to the Unite Housing Workers Branch which primarily represents staff working in housing associations.

This is what we’ve been doing for the last two years: agitating, opposing, highlighting and exposing.

Now, association executives and regulatory bodies are starting to listen. Their executives are meeting with us to discuss our members’ demands. This is the point of our campaigning, and it is how we win the improvements we need.

Join us and help build tenant unity.

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