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Branch MeetingsTimeDate
SHAC@Clarion6.30pmWeds 28th Jun
SHAC@Hyde6.30pmWeds 7th Jun
Exec meeting report
SHAC@Southern-Optivo6.30pmWeds 5th July
SHAC@L&Q6.30pmWeds 12th July
SHAC@MTVHA6.30pmMon 26th June
SHAC@Hexagon7pmThurs 11th May
SHAC@Peabody6.30pmWeds 24th May
SHAC@OHG-Riverside6.30pmThurs 25th May
SHAC@NHG6.30pmWeds 31st May
Themed MeetingsTimeDate
Action on Disrepairs6.30pmWeds 23rd Aug
Disability Visibility6.30pmWeds 16th Aug
Freeze Rents & Service Charges6.30pmMon 31st July
End Service Charge Abuse6.30pmWeds 19th July