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Open Meeting: Challenging Service Charge Abuse: The Courts and Other Approaches

Open Meeting: 6.30pm, Wednesday 15th February


Financial exploitation of tenants and residents by landlords failing to ensure service charges are accurate is a common occurrence, but getting justice through the courts – First Tier Tribunal – is fraught with problems. The law restricts the kinds of cases that can be brought, and people often fear high costs or reprisals. This meeting will hear from people who have used this process successfully, and also reviews other ways to challenge inaccuracies when the landlord’s complaints system fails.

Our speaker Michael Savell will discuss going to court, followed by Georgina Hollis & Amar Chauhan (FindOthers) on how we might approach group legal action. Finally Suzanne Muna (SHAC Secretary) will discuss withholding payment and other approaches. The speakers will be followed by an open discussion.

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