About Us

SHAC is a network of tenants, residents, workers and activists in housing associations and cooperatives. It is aligned to the Unite Housing Workers Branch which represents staff in these organisations.

We campaign to improve the lives of those who live in housing association properties and to reduce the commercialisation of the sector. Our demands include genuine tenant and resident democracy, improved repairs and maintenance services, reduced rents and service charges, better health and safety provisions for all, and an end to the exploitation of housing workers.

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See our article on Barry Rowan, one of the first housing activists to serve on SHAC’s Committee.

Constitutional, Policies, and Demands

Why We Campaign 

Increasingly for larger associations, tenants and residents are mere commodities, and staff are just another corporate resource, instead of living, breathing human beings whose lives can be devastated when their employer or landlord mistreats them.

Tenants and staff alike complain of bullying senior management, of highly vindictive and oppressive cultures, of performance judged against arbitrary targets instead of the actual quality of service provided, of record surpluses but extortionate rents and service charges on the one hand, and low pay and sub-inflation pay rises for the majority of workers on the other.

And because none of this is inevitable or necessary.

Our Origins

SHAC grew from the Axe the Housing Act Summit held on the 26th November 2016. The summit brought together campaigners across a vast range of housing tenures, including council, private and housing association landlords, cooperatives, boat dwellers, and homeless people. It was a force through which the growing housing crisis was highlighted.

Support Our Documentary

We are collaborating with Platform Films on a documentary highlighting the commercialisation of housing associations, their lack of accountability, and the harm they are causing to tenants and residents.

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