Here you will find aids to campaign for improvements and to raise issues within the social housing sector.

Withholding Rent or Service Charge Payments

Guide and Checklist – withholding rents or service charges


Guide to Making a Complaint Against Your Landlords

Guide to Reporting a Problem or Writing a Complaint

Guide to Making a Subject Access Request (SAR) plus Template Letter for Subject Access Request (SAR)

Guide to Making and Escalating a Complaint (including the Housing Ombudsman)

Disrepairs and Safety

Disrepairs: Using Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act

Template Letter: Request Fire Risk Assessment

Service Charges:

Request a service charge breakdown via FindOthers automated service

Guide to requesting service charge information

Guide to Challenging Service Overcharging for Housing Benefit Recipients

Service Charge Requests and the Equality Act 2010

For letters to request service charges, see the templates on LEASE

Tenant and Resident Self-Organisation

Guide to Tenant & Resident Self-Organisation

Guide to Setting Up a Tenants or Residents Association

Template Agenda: Tenant and Resident Association launch meetings

Template Agenda: Tenant and Resident Association regular meetings

Guide to Rent and Service Charge Strikes

Guide to Using Housing Association Statistics

Guide to Writing and Circulating Press Releases 

Campaign Planning

Set up a group

Hold effective meetings

Set your goals


Strategies and tactics

Keep building and learning

Letters for Lobbying

Template Letter: Suspend Rent and Service Charges

Template letter to MPs on Leaseholding Debate

SHAC – Template Letter – Local Council Sprinkler Installation Plans

New guidance for the public on fire safety from RICS

External Websites

Shared Owners and Leaseholder Advice:

You may find the following websites useful:

Shared Ownership Resources

Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

Tower Blocks UK campaign:

FixMyBlock overview Introduction video

Campaigning toolkit

Citizen Journalism

Working with the media

Starting or joining a Residents group

Digital Action Pack (downloadable and editable flyers, posters etc)

Directory of Residents/support and campaign groups

Further Research

Violations Tracker UK is a tool for researching corporate regulatory infringements in the United Kingdom

Beyond Healthy Homes is an organisation offering indoor air quality surveys (IAQs), with consulting, advice, and education.

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