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Limelight Falls on Fortress Clarion

By Elizabeth Campbell It was a lovely May afternoon and the sun was shining. We stood outside Fortress Clarion, just a small group of protestors in the shadow of the landlord's palatial waterfront head offices. We had gathered under the slogan 'Clarion: See Us, Hear Us'. We had protest flags, cardboard eyes and ears, a… Continue reading Limelight Falls on Fortress Clarion

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The Scales of Injustice …

... And the Social Housing Myth By guest writer David Renton In March, I was in court representing Blessing Musona, a housing association tenant who had lived in her home for thirty years. There was mould growing on the walls and a boiler which for eighteen months had been decommissioned, with a sticker on its… Continue reading The Scales of Injustice …

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Peabody Highlighted in Fuel Poverty Report

Residents in some of the poorest areas of the country are being further impoverished by expensive heating systems, or face living in freezing conditions without hot water. Their housing association landlords are claiming that they have no influence with the heating provider companies. "Heat networks are supposed to provide a low cost, and potentially low… Continue reading Peabody Highlighted in Fuel Poverty Report

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Clarion Leaseholders Hold Service Charge ‘Strike’

Leaseholders of Clarion living on an estate in west London are withholding payment of service charge increases after they were sent bills raising costs by up to 382%. The group is being supported by SHAC to take action, and their list of grievances include a sudden and unreasonable increase in service charges, lack of transparency… Continue reading Clarion Leaseholders Hold Service Charge ‘Strike’

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THCH: Drop the Service Charge Hike Now!

Tenants and residents of Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH) have begun a campaign to fight back against appalling service charge rises amounting to 100% on the previous year in some cases. No valid reason has been provided by the landlord as to why such a hike is being threatened. The most recent shock relating to… Continue reading THCH: Drop the Service Charge Hike Now!

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OHG: Respect the Ballot!

Gilbeys Yard and Juniper Crescent are a community of 200 homes adjoining a Morrisons supermarket in Camden. The community’s landlord, One Housing Group (OHG) balloted residents in November 2020 asking: "Are you in favour of the proposal for redevelopment of Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard?”. When the ballot result was published, it was clear that… Continue reading OHG: Respect the Ballot!

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Lambeth Council Sues HA Landlords

Poor repairs are regularly highlighted to SHAC, with tenants and residents feeling helpless when they try to get their housing association landlords to address them. This week, a group of tenants have successfully compelled their local council, the London Borough of Lambeth, to take three housing associations to court for the condition of their properties.… Continue reading Lambeth Council Sues HA Landlords


Look Who’s Talking: Mental Health Disability and Housing Associations

By guest writer Carl Davis Former sector leaders are now rightly demanding that more must be done to stamp out racism in social housing (Social Landlords accused of inaction on racial harrassment, Inside Housing 07/02/21 ). But while there 's at least finally some renewed focus on acknowledging and addressing racism in the sector, its… Continue reading Look Who’s Talking: Mental Health Disability and Housing Associations


Cash Injection No Cure for Unsafe Cladding

Government hopes that another injection of cash into the Building Safety Fund to address unsafe cladding will tamp down protests over fire safety. They are wrong. Bailing Out the Perpetrators Their fundamental problem is that pouring taxpayers’ money into such pots only bails out those responsible for creating the danger in the first place. It… Continue reading Cash Injection No Cure for Unsafe Cladding