Strike Group Resources

Thank you for signing up to the Rent & Service Charge Strike Group.

Inform Your Landlord

Write to your landlord to let them know you are taking action and are protected by SHAC. Let them know you will be withholding all or part of your rent and/or service charge payments. Or, if you are already withholding payments, inform them that you are now doing so under the protection of SHAC.

The red text indicates where you need to add information. The blue text shows where you need to choose one of the options. We would advise sticking to the options set out if you can, rather than adding lots of additional text.

We strongly advise that you send the letter in the post to their head office, rather than rely on email. If you use recorded delivery, the post office will provide you with a receipt to prove that you sent the letter and they will have to sign for it. SHAC can help with printing a letter if you don’t have access to a printer.

Prepare for Strike Day

If you are planning to take strike action, you need to switch your Direct Debit (DD) to a Standing Order (SO). This is very easy to do as they both use the same information. You can do this through internet banking if you are registered for it, or by phoning your bank to ask that they switch the DD to an SO at a lower amount, depending on how much you aim to withhold.

Write to Your MP and Councillors

We need everyone to get involved in applying pressure because this is what will give our action impact and make it more likely to get a resolution. It will help to draw support around you and help shield you from action by your landlord. It will also grow our group.

Write to your MP and to your local ward councillors copying the SHAC letter you sent to the landlord. Ask them to write to the landlord about the problems you have raised. It doesn’t matter if you have done so previously. As the issue has not been resolved, ask them to do so again. 

  • Find your constituency MP here.
  • Find your ward councillors here.

Share on Social Media

Elected politicians tend to perform better under the glare of publicity. After taking out personal details, post the letter on Facebook or Twitter, or send the letters to SHAC so that we can share them (anonymised). You can also share them directly on the SHAC social media.

Review Your Landlord on TrustPilot

We know that landlords have been trying to ‘work the system’ by leaving very obviously fake, five-star reviews on TrustPilot. We can turn the tables by leaving our own. It only takes a few moments and we know that landlords monitor the reviews. Leave a review here.

Tell Your Story

We need to tell your story. You can see what others have written here. If you haven’t already done so, please send us a few lines about why you are taking part (or plan to in the future). It doesn’t matter if your landlord has already been mentioned, and don’t worry about making it too polished, we can write it up and send you a draft before posting.

If you need help, please let us know as we would be very happy to assist. Email