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We also have a model motion that can be presented to trade union meetings, trades council, or any other labour movement body.

Our Appeal

The Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) is a democratic, voluntary network of tenants, residents, and workers in housing associations and cooperatives. The organisation campaigns vigorously to improve the lives of those who live in HA accommodation and reduce the commercialisation of the sector. In its short existence, it already has an established track record of success.

SHAC Secretary Suzanne Muna speaking at a Unite event, and discussing the housing crisis, the role of housing associations, SHAC’s work and its links with the Unite Housing Workers Branch

It is a myth that housing associations provide genuinely affordable homes for rent. Both ‘social’ and ‘affordable’ rents are based on a percentage of the market level. As market rents rise, ‘social’ and ‘affordable’ rents rise with them. Despite vast surpluses, HAs decline to pass the benefits on to tenants, or to staff, who have experienced annual real-terms wage cuts and declining conditions of employment. For tenants, standards of repairs and maintenance have likewise declined, and as Grenfell showed, the deregulation of planning laws allowed developers to lawfully clad buildings in flammable materials.

Internal complaints processes do not address many serious issues or systemic problems caused by poor governance. Instead, we find that gathering groups of residents together, working in tandem with trade union members and sympathetic staff, is often a faster and more efficient way of getting problems resolved, and is more likely to address systemic problems.

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We are deeply grateful to the many individuals and organisations who have financially supported our campagining. The organisations and groups which have donated are:

  • Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union
  • Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers
  • Unite Housing Workers Branch (LE1111)
  • Unite Manchester Social Action Branch (NW389)
  • Unite Service Industries Branch (TGWU LE/2007)
  • Unite Thirteen Group Branch