Service Charges

SHAC receives frequent and sometimes shocking reports about problems with service charges.

Some landlords are clearly worse than others. However, across the sector it is evident that tenants and residents are getting a raw deal, and the ability of housing associations to manage this aspect of their business responsibly is questionable.

SHAC has compiled a report on the abuse of the service charging mechanism by housing associations. We now aim to use this report to get sweeping changes enforced.

Read SHAC’s Report on the Abuse of the Service Charge System by HA Landlords.

SHAC believes that tenants and residents rights should be strengthened so that they have easy access to:

  • Mandatory itemised billing with supplier receipts
  • Set timescales for refunds
  • Mandatory reporting through regulatory returns on overcharging and undercharging errors
  • Automatic reporting to a regulatory body when overcharging exceeds a certain level;
  • Automatic compensation to tenants and residents (beyond like-for-like refunds) when overcharging occurs
  • Automatic compensation to tenants and residents when landlords are slow to reimburse tenants after overcharging
  • A mandatory requirement to pass on efficiency savings to tenants and residents when supplier costs reduce

It is only through such measures that the system of service charging can be made transparent, and tenants and residents can be sufficiently empowered to address errors.


  • Letter to your local Member of ParliamentSee here.
  • Landlord letter templates See here.


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