Unfair and Uncapped

Unfair and Uncapped: Freeze the Rents. Cap the Charges.

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Steps for Withholding Payment

  • Switch your payment method from Direct Debit (DD) to Standing Order (SO). Your landlord can change the amount it deducts from your account when a DD is set up, but they cannot change the amount charged by SO – only you can do that. Contact your bank to make the switch. Both use identical information.
  • Let them know. If you are withholding payment or intend doing so, let your landlord know. Download our template text for quick reference.
  • Get your MP’s backing. Copy the letter or email to your MP (find my MP).
  • Ask your MP to become a campaign supporter (here)
  • Make a donation to help fund the campaign (here)
  • Appeal to your trade union branch for support (here)

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