Setting Up a Tenants or Residents Association

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Tenants Associations

A tenants’ association is a group of tenants who live in the same building or development who choose to join forces in advocating for themselves, particularly in dealings with the landlord or management.






Tenant associations commonly form to address problems, such as a landlord who fails to provide timely repairs or adequate services, or who is trying to evict tenants or pressure them to move.

Residents’ Associations

A residents’ association is usually formed with a view to representing residents (including leaseholders) of an ‘independent’ landlord. In addition, a recognised residents’ association may also request certain types of information from a landlord such as a summary of costs.


A landlord is also required to consult a recognised residents’ association on matters such as service charges and management, and the appointment of managing agents.

Model Constitution

The Resource Centre has advice and guidance on writing a constitution. The Centre is a Brighton-based charity offering practical support to community groups. It describes a constitution as being “simply the aims and rules that your group will use. It’s a statement of what your group is going to do and how it is going to do it”. The document is useful for those drawing up a constitution for an unincorporated body such as a residents’ or tenants’ association in a simple, uncomplicated structure. This version is is not however suitable for more complex charities employing workers, buying premises or dealing with large amounts of money. TRC_ConstitutionGuide.