Template Agenda: TRA Meetings

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This template can be downloaded here.


You will find below a draft agenda that can be used for the regular tenants and residents meetings, plus some helpful notes on preparation and conduct. 


7:00 Doors Open
7:30 Introduction and welcome
7:40 Minutes of last meeting
7:50 Matters arising from minutes
8:00 Officer reports
8:15 Discussion of business
8:45 Any other business
9:00 Summing up
9:15 Close meeting

Useful Pointers


• Arrive early to prepare the room
• Set out a register which asks all attendees to write in block capitals their names, address and phone number
• Ensure the ‘top table’ (chair, secretary, guest speaker or speakers) have water
• Set out any refreshment table for attendees, eg. tea, coffee and biscuits
• Set up projector for PP presentation
• Decide who will minute the meeting and in what format

Start of meeting

• Agree ground rules – usually treat everyone with dignity and respect, listen to speakers, don’t interrupt, let the chair know if you want to ask a question, etc.
• Safety briefing – fire exits, facilities, etc.
• Welcome all and give a brief summary/overview of the meeting content
• Ensure all present have any handouts such as copies of the agenda
• Introduce the speakers on the top table
• Review the minutes of the last meeting to ensure they are an accurate record
• Report on the progress of any action points that are not on the agenda for the main meeting

Summing up

• Write decisions and action points on a board and re-state these at the end
• Prioritise the action points
• Ensure people are taking lead responsibility for activities such as raising a petition, or contacting local press, councillors, or MPs
• Ask if anyone wants to join the committee or get involved in activities
• Invite AOB so that attendees can raise anything not covered in the agenda
• Agree the date of the next meeting
• Remind people to sign the Register.
• Thank people for attending.
• Close the meeting