SHAC Groups

SHAC@ groups and themed meetings allow tenants and residents to campaign for better homes and services with a focus on their own landlord or around a theme. They are self-organised but receive advice and practical support from SHAC. We currently have the following groups:

5 thoughts on “SHAC Groups”

  1. Really grateful for this opportunity because currently my landlord, Clarion, are not responding to me regarding their recent massive increase in service charges, and another serious issue. I might need some support with it. Happy to be involved and also looking to join local Renters Union. With the government changes in housing policy directly affecting social landlords, the lack of resources and suchlike, we are seeing a drastic change of direction by these social landlords to a business model, away from the original remit to support the most vulnerable in society and those on low incomes and provide adequate affordable housing. Nothing is secure. Sadly, gone are the days where working class people and poorer families felt they had a home for life.

    1. We have had massive service charge increases in E3 and they actively seek to prevent going through complaints process and chase for arrears that they apply without justification. Its a sham.

  2. Same with me. Massive increase in service charges. Rude, poor, uncommunicative customer service. The latest is as a leaseholder in one block of four flats is that they are trying to charge me for works/repairs done to another block next door! I’ve never been responsible for this! Been in my flat for nearly 18 year’s! I need help/ assistance with this fight, I’ve barely got the mental capacity to deal with this.

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