SHAC@LQ (London and Quadrant)

SHAC@L&Q was formed to campaign for a better deal for tenants and residents. It now has its own Steering Group of tenants and residents to direct engagement with the landlord, and broader campaigning.

The primary improvements needed relate to tenant and resident empowerment through genuine, democratic and open mechanisms for engagement. Tenants and residents also need improvements to repairs and maintenance, and reassurances on fire safety.

SHAC@L&Q Member Videos

Tenants and residents are creating their own videos explaining what it is really like to live in their properties and try to engage with the landlord.

See our films on SHAC YouTube

L&Q: Fix Our Broken Homes Campaign

SHAC is calling on L&Q to address disrepair. There are too many reports of problems being left for months without being repaired, creating health problems for tenants and residents and exacerbating damage to property. Then, service charges are increased to cover unnecessarily high costs. Here is one example.

To share your pictures and explanation, email

We hope to meet with L&Q management in the near future to begin discussions about what is needed.