Strike Group

This group is open to any housing association tenant or resident regardless of landlord who is withholding rent or service charge payments, either wholly or partially, or who aims to do so.

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My story is shocking. It’s about living in a dangerous building. It’s about harassment. We’ve had gas leaks which have been covered up by Onward. We’ve had dangerous electrics. It goes on and on.

Strike Group Stories: You can read our members’ own accounts of why they are withholding rents or service charges here.


  • To coordinate action across landlords;
  • To provide solidarity and peer support to those taking rent or service charge strikes;
  • To develop resources such as template letters that strikers can use; and
  • To focus a campaign raising awareness of the action.

Further Information: See our press release.

Attempts by participants to address the issues directly with their landlords, and in some cases through other routes have been futile. One member of the group commented:

“I am in despair as to how to stop these atrocious companies any other way. We’ve experienced diabolical rip-offs, incompetence and lies. They have damaged our lives for years and years. Many thousands of tenants across the sector experience endless failed attempts to get their problem sorted out. We are ground down.

“I honestly can’t see how anything other than withholding money is going to stop them. Even when the Social Housing White Paper is made law, I don’t believe that there is any other way to hold these massive, powerful corporations to account”

Rent and service charge group member

Councillors and members of Parliament complain to SHAC that they experience the same difficulties as tenants and residents when trying to engage with the associations. Either they are ignored or are misled about the work being done to address issues.

The Regulator of Social Housing and Housing Ombudsman are both severely restricted in their ability to sanction housing associations, even when the landlords are shown to be non-compliant with their legal obligations.

Access to justice through the legal system is also problematic for tenants and residents, often requiring resources not available to many.

Their landlords are Clarion, Glasgow Housing Association, Guinness Partnership, Hyde Housing, London & Quadrant (L&Q), Metropolitan Thames Valley, Notting Hill Genesis, One Housing Group, Onward Homes, Peabody, Sanctuary Housing Association, and Tower Hamlets Community Housing.

The strike is national, with tenants residing across London, Beckenham, Manchester, Chichester, Bolton, Seaford, Brighton, Stevenage, Luton, Southampton, Northampton, Sidcup, and Glasgow.