Withholding Payment – Legal Info

There should be no need for withholding payment to lead to action as extreme as eviction, especially when we act together.


Landlords can only take action after you have built up eight weeks of arrears. If your landlord threaten repossession, one option would be to pay enough to bring you under eight weeks’ arrears. This would prevent the landlord taking legal action.

Legal action is a lengthy process. The timeframe would allow you to decide what you want to do. Repossession by a landlord is not a quick procedure that could catch anyone out.

Shared Ownership

Shared owners are legally not ‘owners’ but assured or assured shorthold tenants. This means they face a risk of possession in the event of rent arrears.

Power in Numbers

Like industrial action, our best defence against legal action is strength in numbers. This is the aim of our campaign; with a mass of tenants and residents, we avoid the victimisation of any individual. You can help by talking to others about the campaign.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own.