Clarion: See Us, Hear Us

Protest outside Clarion Housing head office, London, Friday 7th May 2021

Supported by the London Renters’ Union and some very enthusiastic security staff


Film Footage

Wendy Charlton – SHAC@Clarion Steering Group reading the ‘Change’ poem
Nick Auvache – SHAC Committee
Dan Fisher – London Renters’ Union – Clarion victim
Paul Kershaw – The Unite Housing Workers Branch
Niall Mulholland – SHAC Committee: The housing crisis and the ‘Covid triangle’
Niall Mulholland – SHAC Committee: The commercialisation of Peabody Housing Group

3 thoughts on “Clarion: See Us, Hear Us”

  1. I wrote a complaint email, titled “Official Complaint”, and followed their complaint procedure and sent it to the correct email address. Clarion failed to log it as a complaint for over a month, util I relentlessly emailed the CEO and other addresses, then the complaints team rang me, and said all they know is I am unhappy about something, as they hadn’t even seen my complaint email. They are the worst.

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