Protesting the (Un)Affordable Housing Awards

Tenants and residents of SHAC and other housing campaigns protested outside the ‘Affordable’ Housing Awards which was held at The Point, Old Trafford, Manchester on the 17th November 2023. The protest was organised by SHAC, MedAct, the Homes for Us alliance, and the Greater Manchester Tenants Union. It was also supported by Homes for All, Radical Housing Network, Housing Rebellion, Refurbish Don’t Demolish London Renters Union, Disability Rights UK, and Others.

17 November 2023

SHAC Images

Disability Rights UK and Greater Manchester Tenants Union Images

1 thought on “Protesting the (Un)Affordable Housing Awards”

  1. Fantastic shots of the “perp walk”. The HA’s need to be charged with embezzlement both from their tenants & from the HA itself.

    Thank you for your demonstration, its very much appreciated.

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