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SHAC is campaigning to prevent social rent rises of around 10.4% next April. Service charges are uncapped and could rise by any amount.

We want government to set social rent rises at zero for a year, and extend this cap to service charges.

But more, we want tenants and residents to pledge that they won’t pay any rises, even if government allows housing associations to apply them!

Will you pledge below?

Any increase, but especially such a massive hike will be unbearable for the majority of those in social rented homes, and those who pay service charges.

And where rents are covered by Housing Benefit, it will mean a transfer of yet more taxpayers’ money into the already bloated surpluses of housing associations.

We urge government to freeze rent and service charges for a year. We urge landlords to freeze rents and service charges even if government allows a rise. We urge everyone to either pledge that they will not pay the increase, or pledge support for those who withhold payment.

Whether you sign as a tenant, resident, or supporter, your name will not be published. We will only report the number of signatures overall and per landlord, so please add your name below.

Legal information

Now you need to let your landlord and MP know:

These template letters can be sent hard copy, or you can use the text in an email.

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These small actions only take a few moments each, but every single one helps raise awareness, amplify our message, and put pressure on decision makers. Together we will win.

August 2022