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      1. Good morning! Hats off to you, Sir! Who is going to audit L&Q? L&Q is my landlord. Can I join you, please?
        Many thanks!

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to open up a can of worms about sanctuary housing in my location~~mackworth derby.

  2. The landlord bears poor regard for existing tenants. This manifests itself in slack response to and poor performance with regard to repair issues. The undermining of previous attempts to organise a tenant/resident association and the blocking of resident’s access to the housing estate’s onsite community hall facility, choosing instead to hire the community hall to external groups, unconnected with the housing estate. Seemingly on a purely commercial basis, despite the fact that this facility should rightfully be designated as a resource for the use of the residents of the Granby Housing Estate in East London.

  3. Like the £350m PW promised for the NHS PRE Brexit vote….L&Q pledged over £60m investment into 1700 properties previously owned by Lewisham .
    These were gifted to L&Q fir £20m .
    This is why residents voted them in .
    Absolute con . 10 years on . Service Charges doubled . Extortionate amounts charged fir routine maintenance. False accounting …

  4. I’m disabled and myself and my children have been left to live in squalor because of [name] (manager). An outstanding repair which they didn’t do caused a lot of problems and now they’re saying it’s all down to me they no longer going to help me. Even though when she turned up at my house she told me she was going to do everything in her power to rectify all their mistakes. But she gets back to the office with all the big powerful people and changes her mind. For over a year now I have been living with no flooring skirting boards hanging off the wall in my kitchen so it’s very dangerous. She knows also my youngest daughter suffers with seizures but she doesn’t care if my daughter hurts her self on this concrete floor. I have no help

    1. Safety in numbers . Time to expose the scam
      That is SOCIAL HOUSING !!!
      Trust me . Stock transfer of publicly owned
      Housing stock to “ Social Landlords “ will be the next PPI scandal !!!!!

      Watch this space !!!!

    2. I cry for yo daughter Toni and yoself for having to put up with yo housing association and having to put up with such inadequate responses from them.

      It seems to be the “NORM” from these so called caring mostly charitable organizations.

      It’s a fallacy

      They are deeply inclined profit motivated entities who make vast profits year on year who are sanctioned by government and local authorities at the expense of those who live in these wretched conditions at cost to health and wellbeing.
      It’s a crime of epic proportions and needs a complete rethink strategy put forward by an independent body.

  5. No lights on estate, One Housing have no money apparently and no one cares- it’s so dark I feel unsafe leaving home.
    Yet they are building new four plus four homes on estate … lies lies lies

  6. L&Q they doing this to all their tenants especially the tenants with disabilities L&Q discriminated us! They have racist staff members who can’t do their job role but expertise of lies and after lies.
    They don’t listen to their disabled tenants at all! This is through my own experiences. Other disabled people from my blocks and from blocks all been mistreating by our landlord L&Q. We don’t have housing officer for our Estate anymore since 2019. Property manager can’t help don’t deal with chasing up the disrepairs for tenants/residents homes. When residents calls the L&Q direct repairs officer talked to the responsible team to find out about disrepairs works for residents home is still waiting to o long 8 years. Why? The staff mepmbers keep saying we will forward my message to your Property Manager along with the information you gave us! And we already know that L&Q Property Manager don’t deal with any repairs to resident homes. And nothing happens no repairs works done. L&Q Group they are mistreating their disabled tenants/residents terribly they make themselves stupid did they thinks all their disabled tenants and residents lives in one flat! We live in one state but we don’t live together in one flat or house!
    And all disabled people have individual needs for their homes adaptation or adjustments to meet the individual person needs.

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