Waive The Rents

Day of Action 27 June 2020

We are gearing up to oppose evictions if any are threatened after the courts reopen and calling on housing associations to waive the rents for those struggling financially as a result of the pandemic.

We’re asking all supporters to highlight our demands on Saturday 27th June in solidarity with the London Renters Union #CantPayWontPay day of action.


Everyone can participate on the 27th June:

  • Download the graphic and put it on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages; 
  • Print the poster and put it in the windows of your home and/or car; and
  • Share this email with others in your network and encourage them to do the same.

The public perception is that social housing landlords are charging peppercorn rents and are more supportive of their tenants than private landlords. As many of our supporters know, this is just not the case. Despite their wealth, supposedly social housing landlords have raised rents and service charges, and done little to support tenants other than signpost them to debt services. Their records on evictions are as poor as private landlords, and the impact on tenants can be devastating (New Statesman).

Instead of this complacency, SHAC demands that HAs:

  • Waive rents and service charges for those struggling financially;
  • Write off rent and service charge arrears; and
  • Agree a moratorium on evictions even when courts re-open.

Please help us make the day of action a success, and get the message out there: housing association tenants are not immune from the impact of the housing crisis. If you have ideas or suggestions, or want to coordinate with others in your area, please email me.

Read more about SHAC’s ‘No Evictions’ demands.

Read more about the London Renters Union #CantPayWontPay campaign. 

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