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Hexagon Awarded ‘Golden Flush’ for Secrecy

By SHAC@Hexagon

On the eve of the Hexagon Housing annual general meeting, SHAC members at Hexagon have presented the organisation with a ‘Golden Flush’ award for ‘Secrecy, Spin, Deception and Unaccountability’.

See the prestigious award here

Hexagon members argued forcefully for the award, saying that Hexagon (HHA) has truly flushed away its own core values of openness and accountability, finally ensuring the board never has contact with any unselected residents whatsoever.

SHAC@Hexagon is a group of tenants and residents who are angered by the increasing lack of genuine democracy within the association. They have shown that Hexagon is governed in complete secrecy as ordinary residents are specifically excluded from board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

They also allege that board members directly and personally deceived the freely and openly elected representatives of residents until suddenly announcing their secret decision to replace them with a selected focus group, directed to only ‘ask the right questions’. This is a practice that will be familiar to tenants and residents of other associations.

Tom McCormack has served as Hexagon chief executive for over 20 years

Best of all the board is unaccountable except to the chief executive as he has done everything possible as company secretary to ensure there are no shareholders besides the board members themselves. Finally, in spin which surpasses irony, the company still claims that ‘openness & accountability’ is a core value.

On Hexagon winning the plastic toilet, SHAC@Hexagon members were anxious to ensure that a special Clingon-Teflon CEO mention went to Tom McCormack. Despite all of the above and building homes on sinkholes, Tom has managed to cling on to his job for over 20 years … and all for around £175,000 a year.

Hexagon homes built over sinkholes:

The combination of job security, disaster and high pay that Tom has achieved is only possible thanks to the innovation of avoiding bothersome shareholders to challenge his control of the board. Fantastic, literally in-credible!

SHAC has offered to meet with the Hexagon board and executive and awaits a response.

28 September 2020

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