Government Sends Out Obscure Signal!

By Terry Harper

An Inside Housing article – Demolishing High-Rise Towers is ‘Preferable’ – 22nd January, quotes housing minister Kit Malthouse throwing down the gauntlet.


Kit Malthouse, Housing Minister

He adds a dig at Hammersmith council where rumours abound that Hartopp and Lannoy Points might be demolished – instructing them to “be transparent” with residents. Thanks for the crumbs, Kit.

At a packed Westminster City Council ‘Open Forum’ near Edgware Road on the 28th January, the deputy leader of the council declared that even in his ward (Vincent Square) housing blocks were crumbling and it was “clear that concrete, metal and water do not go well together, over time”.

What a novel observation. They never miss a trick. It must have seemed to the social housing residents present that it’s rather Tories and social housing that do not go well together, over time.

See the Inside Housing article.

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