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Clarion Leaseholders Hold Service Charge ‘Strike’

Leaseholders of Clarion living on an estate in west London are withholding payment of service charge increases after they were sent bills raising costs by up to 382%.

The group is being supported by SHAC to take action, and their list of grievances include a sudden and unreasonable increase in service charges, lack of transparency and clarity of the charges. They also complain of lack of due consideration for the “enormous financial impact on residents” of Covid-19, and a breach of procedure and obligation of care by their landlord.

Leaseholders are demanding that Clarion issue new service charge bills without the increases, and arrange a meeting between leaseholders, SHAC and a “senior Clarion representative to agree long-term solutions and next steps”.

Please support the leaseholders in their action by sending messages of support to and copy

Please call out Clarion and demand a wholesale review of service charges by emailing Chief Executive Clare Miller ( and Chair of the Board David Avery (

For other SHAC@Clarion action see the Wall of Protest; See Us, Hear Us.

1 April 2021

3 thoughts on “Clarion Leaseholders Hold Service Charge ‘Strike’”

  1. Hi
    I cannot express how much disappointed I am since I bought 100% of my shares on 29th January 2021. I feel stuck and I will seek advise on citizen bureau and solicitors.
    Firstly Clarion Housing customer service is very bad. I requested back in January for my clarion housing account be changed to leaseholder in order to avoid me paying for February rents. This wasn’t done and I paid for extra rent and services charges.
    Once more I requested an explanation and refund. Clarion Housing never got back to me.
    I had £400 credit on my online account and Clarion Housing used to charge me and worse put me in a DEBT of £1700!
    I have no choice than sell my flat as this situation is costing my health at the moment.
    Please can someone contact me or help me before I have another break down and end up in the hospital like I did in January

  2. Clarions service charges team are extremely incompetent. I identified 3 service charges (now a 4th) which where 50 times higher than the previous year. After speaking on the phone to the person in charge of our estates services charges, he admitted there was a ‘computer error’ and they had put down yearly charges as weekly. I now have proof as they sent me a revised service charges letter with these charges in line with previous years. However, they refuse to fix the issue for the rest of the estate. The person in charge got extremely defensive on email when I asked if they would fix the problem for everyone else.

    I’ve logged formal complaints and now they’re completely ignoring me. Even emailing the CEO gets me nowhere. I estimate Clarion are possibly scamming the entire estate of more than £300,000 in charges they admitted were in error.

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