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Survey: Leaseholders and Disability

With the support of Disability Rights UK and allies, CLADDAG’s Leaseholders Disability Action Group has launched a survey to gather some broader data on disabled and older leaseholders impacted by the building safety crisis.

You can find the survey here:
It should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

If the survey format is not accessible to you, or you find the exercise distressing, please email Claddag via and they will be happy to find a comfortable way for you to be involved.

Claddag has been raising the impact of the building safety crisis on those with disabilities in the media, including coverage on the BBC. For more, see

Building Connections: The CLADDAG Survey

The survey has been launched by Claddag to explore the ways in which leaseholders living with impairments and health conditions are affected by the building safety crisis. It explores the health implications, financial impacts, adaptations to homes and fire evacuation struggles.

The coalition of groups launching the survey hope that it will:

  • connect them to more people in need of support / advice
  • help them to get the attention of mental health and older people’s charities and (finally) bring their muscle into the broader building safety crisis campaign
  • give them data for a political briefing sheet they are compiling

The survey is for anyone with physical impairments, physical health conditions, mental health problems, including older people with conditions, and those who don’t identify as disabled but are equally affected by the building safety crisis due to an impairment.

So far, they have 40 responses, but given 1 in 5 of the UK population is disabled, want to reach hundreds more.

Claddag, a disabled-led action group, urges all leaseholders who live with any physical impairments or mental health conditions to take part. Such conditions may, of course, be age-related. They aim to use the data to increase the evidence bank for our collective campaigning, as well convince the key age and mental health charities to get more involved.

See also, Twitter: @Claddag, and Facebook: @LeaseholderDAG

21 September 2021

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