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Limelight Falls on Fortress Clarion

By Elizabeth Campbell

It was a lovely May afternoon and the sun was shining. We stood outside Fortress Clarion, just a small group of protestors in the shadow of the landlord’s palatial waterfront head offices.

We had gathered under the slogan ‘Clarion: See Us, Hear Us’. We had protest flags, cardboard eyes and ears, a banner with a TrustPilot review as fake as the ones Clarion has been posting, and a specially written poem.

Our line up of speakers directed their call towards the Clarion executive, but fheir message applies across the housing association sector.

See all photos and footage of our other speakers here.

Wendy read her poem “Change”. Like all good art, it has a wide resonance.

Change by Wendy Charlton

Hear Wendy reading Change

Nick highlighted the intimidation attempts by Clarion. Its bosses sitting in their palatial head office surrounded by security guards. They feared a handful of protestors demanding that the voices of tenants and residents be heard. Hear some of Nick’s speech here.

Dan talked of the letters addressed to his mother threatening eviction after she passed away, leaving it to her family to open the distressing correspondence. Hear some of Dan’s speech here.

Paul analysed the culture of an organisation run for the banks and funders, not in the interests of tenants and residents, or housing those in need. Hear some of Paul’s speech here.

Niall talked of how the policies of successive governments and housing associations have led to mass homelessness, poor housing, overcrowding, and the scandal of empty homes. Hear some of Niall’s speech here.

The Fight Goes On

The pressure is working but our campaign continues. We will carry on until the sector begins to see and hear its residents, and to listen to their concerns.

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8 May 2021

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