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OHG Leaders Slammed by Own Staff

One Housing Group (OHG) has been slammed in a survey conducted amongst its own staff. The organisation published the report internally and it showed just how low trust has fallen in the leadership of the organisation.

Their survey said …

  • More than 40% of staff believe the organisation has no clear plan for the future;
  • Around 30% of staff say the organisation has no clear values;
  • Almost 30% believe that they are not adequately supported by their line manager;
  • More than 40% of staff don’t agree that OHG is innovating to improve customer service;
  • Two-thirds of staff cannot see any improvements arising from the customer service project “One Future”;

And most damning of all …

  • Half of all staff said that they don’t trust the OHG leadership. Indeed, the level of trust in leadership is declining, having dropped a full 5% on the previous survey.

As reported in a previous post (One Housing Passes the Buck for Financial Failings), OHG’s board and executive managed to plunge the organisation into a deficit of £8.6 million (March 2020) from a pre-tax surplus of £82 million (March 2017).

Revolving Doors

The financial decline at OHG began under the regime of current chief executive Richard Hill and former Chair Steve Douglas.

Hill joined the organisation after a short, 4-year stint as chief executive at Spectrum housing association. Before that, he had worked in the senior management team of the Homes and Communities Agency.

A year after Hill joined OHG, Steve Douglas was appointed as Chair of the Board, but left after just two years. Douglas had also worked at the social housing regulator (then named Tenant Services Authority), before it merged with the Homes and Community Agency.

Douglas (left) departed suddenly after just two years to take on a similar role at St Mungos where a group of staff are now on indefinite strike (Resident support for St Mungo’s strikers).

SHAC@OHG is the campaign group run by OHG tenants and residents. Its demands include The primary improvements needed relate to repairs and maintenance, genuine tenant and resident engagement, fair rents and service charges, fire safety including addressing the cladding scandal, and the right to transfer. See here for more details.

14 June 2021

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