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Clarion’s Shame – Clare House Evacuation

Tenants and residents from Clare House, a tower block alonside lush parkland in east London, have slammed their landlord, Clarion Housing over woefully mis-managed – and still incomplete – evacuation of their flats. Following checks carried out after the Grenfell fire in 2017, Clarion became aware of risks to the safety of tenants and residents.… Continue reading Clarion’s Shame – Clare House Evacuation

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The Anatomy of a Reasonable Adjustment

By Carl Davis The Equality Act 2010 requires that employers and service providers like social landlords make 'reasonable adjustments' that will allow disabled people to access the same opportunities and services as non-disabled people. It also requires employers and providers to consider disability in everything they do and to actively anticipate the need for reasonable… Continue reading The Anatomy of a Reasonable Adjustment

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Shepherds Bush Shambles

The executive of Shepherds Bush Housing Association (SBHA) have been condemned as "unfit to govern" by some employees and tenants horrified at the landlord's culture of mismanagement. Examples of failings provided to SHAC include incorrect service charge bills being sent to around 900 leaseholders over the last eight years. Among the estates affected were the… Continue reading Shepherds Bush Shambles

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Not Welcome Here: The Social Housing Stigma

By Carl Davis Carl Davis reviews the report on challenging the stigmatization of social housing tenants in England, by Amanze Ejiogu and Mercy Denedo. The report sets out to fill the knowledge gap around the stigmatisation of social housing, and explain how and why people are judged negatively and even actively discriminated against simply because… Continue reading Not Welcome Here: The Social Housing Stigma

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Onward Heads Downwards

Lisa lives in a property owned by social housing provider Onward Homes. She noticed that her rent seemed quite high, and wrote to the landlord to challenge it. Onward admitted that her property had been wrongly classified and that she had been overcharged on rent. They are arranging to refund the overpayment, going back to… Continue reading Onward Heads Downwards

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OHG Leaders Slammed by Own Staff

One Housing Group (OHG) has been slammed in a survey conducted amongst its own staff. The organisation published the report internally and it showed just how low trust has fallen in the leadership of the organisation. Their survey said ... More than 40% of staff believe the organisation has no clear plan for the future;… Continue reading OHG Leaders Slammed by Own Staff

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THCH: Drop the Service Charge Hike Now!

Tenants and residents of Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH) have begun a campaign to fight back against appalling service charge rises amounting to 100% on the previous year in some cases. No valid reason has been provided by the landlord as to why such a hike is being threatened. The most recent shock relating to… Continue reading THCH: Drop the Service Charge Hike Now!


Look Who’s Talking: Mental Health Disability and Housing Associations

By guest writer Carl Davis Former sector leaders are now rightly demanding that more must be done to stamp out racism in social housing (Social Landlords accused of inaction on racial harrassment, Inside Housing 07/02/21 ). But while there 's at least finally some renewed focus on acknowledging and addressing racism in the sector, its… Continue reading Look Who’s Talking: Mental Health Disability and Housing Associations


Cash Injection No Cure for Unsafe Cladding

Government hopes that another injection of cash into the Building Safety Fund to address unsafe cladding will tamp down protests over fire safety. They are wrong. Bailing Out the Perpetrators Their fundamental problem is that pouring taxpayers’ money into such pots only bails out those responsible for creating the danger in the first place. It… Continue reading Cash Injection No Cure for Unsafe Cladding


Cracking Clarion’s Disability Discrimination

By guest writer Fiona Downs I became a Clarion tenant via a mutual exchange in 2019. Before the move, I notified Clarion I was registered disabled and would require adaptations to be able to function in my home just like anyone else. I also explained that I care for an autistic family member. My housing… Continue reading Cracking Clarion’s Disability Discrimination