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OHG: Tenants Call to Boycott Consultation

A group of One Housing Group (OHG) tenants and residents have decided to boycott a new consultation by the troubled association in protest at its failures to learn from previous consultations.

OHG is telling residents

In April 2022, we will be launching our new Resident Engagement Strategy and we want to hear your views about what this should include. The strategy will set out ways in which we engage and involve residents in shaping and improving services, so it is very important you tell us what you think.

The consultation closes on the 14th February.

Propaganda not Engagement

Members of the SHAC@OHG group have condemned the consultation as propaganda exercise and do not believe that the landlord intends to take due regard of the results.

Barely any OHG tenants and residents had sufficient confidence in the executive to bother responding to their previous consultation

The boycott is being organised following OHG’s consultation over a controversial merger with Riverside. The letter explains SHAC@OHG’s dissatisfaction with the conduct of the consultation and the integrity of the executive.

SHAC members are therefore encouraging all tenants and residents to write to along the following lines:


SHAC@OHG-Riverside meets every few weeks to discuss the problems members are experiencing with the landlord, and develop campaigns to address them. All meetings are advertised on the Events page. To join the group and receive an automatic invitation, please register with SHAC.

31 January 2022

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