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North Court Residents Challenge MTVH’s £14k Attempted Overcharge

  • Keep all your paperwork.
  • Check and double check the estimates from the actuals. If you have doubts about what you are being charged for, write to the housing association, and ask.
  • Don’t pay until you’re sure. Read up on your legal rights as residents or tenants. Read your lease agreement.
  • Use your limited legal rights under Section 21 and Section 22 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 if they apply to you.
  • Involve your MP. We copied ours into all correspondence for information because it saves you from having to explain from scratch when the inevitable problems arise.
  • We also found it important to have a plan of action. If you don’t get a response; write, complain, complain again then go to the Housing Ombudsman if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Pace yourself. Nothing is quick. There seems to be no fast track in getting problems solved, it can take months.
  • Get organised and collectivise. Talk to your neighbours and find out what costs they have been sent. We set up a private group on Facebook for residents to share information, and WhatsApp works too.
  • Pool your resources and skills. Find out who has time and IT, legal, or financial skills. Check what other residents are posting on Twitter (X) and Facebook about your landlord, and make contact with them if they share the same problems.
  • Join SHAC or other housing groups. It’s also handy to read the websites of the Housing Ombudsman, and the Regulator of Social Housing.

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