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Bridging the Disability Gap

The SHAC Disability Charter Scheme will allow housing associations to bridge a gaping chasm between a landlord's fine words on equalities for disabled tenants and the tenant's own lived experience. The Charter Scheme is published here for consultation. You can leave suggestions in the comments section of this article, or email Download the Charter… Continue reading Bridging the Disability Gap

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Incompetence or Fraud?

When SHAC attempted to gather evidence for our report on extortionate charges for services, or charges for ‘phantom’ services never delivered, it became clear that there was a strong possibility of fraud in some of the cases that were sent to us (alongside incompetence and mismanagement). Errors are easily made, but if an error is… Continue reading Incompetence or Fraud?

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Are You Being Overcharged for Utilities?

By James Smith* Two years ago I realised that my landlord, a northern based housing association, was breaking the law by adding an additional charge to the amounts I was paying for gas, electricity and water bills. I challenged this, and although it took me two years and legal action, I was finally successful in… Continue reading Are You Being Overcharged for Utilities?

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The Scales of Injustice …

... And the Social Housing Myth By guest writer David Renton In March, I was in court representing Blessing Musona, a housing association tenant who had lived in her home for thirty years. There was mould growing on the walls and a boiler which for eighteen months had been decommissioned, with a sticker on its… Continue reading The Scales of Injustice …