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Emma’s Story: Made Homeless by Hyde Service Charges

This week we interviewed Emma, a Hyde shared ownership tenant who will shortly hand back the keys to the Hyde flat she has lived in for 15 years. Emma will then become homeless.

Emma has been driven out of her home – not by rising rents, but by extortionate service charges. One example is the bill for communal electricity. For the nine flats to have night lights on when it gets dark in the hallways, Hyde told residents last September that they would be paying £700 for the year. This September, they were told that they needed to top-up this service payment with another £1,400. These charges are crippling.

Like many residents, Emma works full-time. She can manage the rents and mortgage payments, which have also risen since she moved in. But it has been the escalating service charges that have led to a terrible decision to leave her home.

Emma describes how extortionate service charges and rapidly rising costs have led her to leave her cherished flat

SHAC@Hyde – Fighting for Improvements

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25 October 2021

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  1. Emma I am so sorry that Hyde have forced you into this terrible situation. My heart goes out to you and I sincerely hope that you find suitable alternative accommodation and a much calmer, happier, worry free life without the unbelieveable stress that Hyde must have caused you. God bless x

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