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Tenants and Residents Hit Back

Tenants and residents from a wide variety of housing associations have agreed to hold a coordinated service charge 'strike' under SHAC's banner. Action is being taken by residents frustrated at their landlords' failings in relation to extortionate or erroneous service charges, disrepairs, shoddy maintenance, and cladding. No Other Choice Residents described how their problems are… Continue reading Tenants and Residents Hit Back

Complaints Procedures, HA Service Charges, Housing, Hyde Housing, Service Charges, Tenant & Resident Democracy

Hyde’s Mission: Service Charge Surpluses Not Social Housing

A damning report by the Housing Ombudsman published in October 2020 picked out Hyde Housing as one of five cases featured for gross failings. The Housing Ombudsman declared Hyde guilty of “maladministration regarding the landlord’s communication about service charges, severe maladministration for its formal handling of [a] complaint, and service failure in relation to its… Continue reading Hyde’s Mission: Service Charge Surpluses Not Social Housing