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Strike On! PA Housing Residents on Service Charge Strike

PA Housing becomes the 20th landlord to be added to the SHAC Rent & Service Charge Strike Group as residents of Canada Court and Clifton Lodge begin a service charge strike.

Chris Sayudo, Chair of Canada Court and Clifton Lodge Tenants and Residents Association explained that residents were demanding repayment of service charge contributions for the last three years relating to cleaning and security services. The amounts equate to about £500 for each home for every year.

Residents say they have had long-standing problems with sub-contractor Pinnacle which is supposed to be providing cleaning and security services. The company has failed to deliver over a number of years.

The contract with the cleaning and security company is now up for renewal. Residents want a new supplier who can deliver to a proper standard. But they also want their money back.

Residents gave PA Housing one month’s notice to issue refunds. When the landlord failed to do so by the 1st April deadline, residents began withholding service charge payments with SHAC’s support. They say they will continue until the money owed has been recouped.

For more details see Tenants Tell PA Housing: “No Service, No Payment!”

SHAC Rent & Service Charge Strike Group

Our Rent & Service Charge Strike Group offers support, guidance, and practical resources such as template letters to any housing association tenant or resident who is withholding rent or service charge payments, either wholly or partially, or who aims to do so.

1 April 2022

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