5 thoughts on “SHAC Steps Up The Political Agenda”

  1. The problems in housing are almost overwhelming. I am so glad SHAC has taken this initiative by contacting Lucy Powell MP.
    I hope we will all follow up with our concerns.

      1. Thanks for your response which is, in my opinion, supporting stigmatisation of tenants.
        Why not follow the example of the Housing Ombudsman who only uses “Residents”.

        If we must separate the tenure groups I suggest the term to use is “Tenants and other Residents” which is inclusive and not stigmatising tenants or, dare I say, those who own or lease their homes.

  2. Thanks Davey. This is something we’ve discussed, but eventually came to the conclusion that the ‘tenants and residents’ term worked best. We don’t feel that we are stigmatising tenants or any other tenure. The context in which we use any terms is very important and we try to eliminate and challenge any suggestion that there is any shame in renting a property. Similarly, we are equally respectful to those who lease or are in shared ownership properties. I hope that you will see across all our articles and activity that SHAC is about bringing people together to fight on common causes.

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