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Clarion Tenants’ Five Point Improvement Plan

Please scroll to the end of this article to see an update on Clarion’s offer to meet.

  • Provide a number for tenants and residents to speak directly to the team if they have a problem.
  • Clarion staff are often inexperienced and lack training. Clarion needs to inform us of how they intend to address this to improve overall services to residents.

  • On receiving a call requesting a repair, staff need to check whether anyone in the household is disabled, and if so, what special consideration needs to be taken when carrying out the repair.

  • Clarion should adopt the SHAC Charter on disability.

  • Clarion should introduce support for resident groups at a local level, for example providing a meeting place with a small budget for refreshments, and notifying tenants and residents with contact details for the TRA chair where a TRA is operating.
  • We remain interested in a meeting between a delegation from SHAC and the executive and senior managers at Clarion. Please feel to contact me with dates if you would like to discuss these points.

Prompted by publication of the open letter, Clarion has contacted SHAC to discuss holding a meeting in the Autumn. The meeting will include a delegation of SHAC@Clarion members, plus a representative from the SHAC Committee. The outcome of the discussions will be relayed at the subsequent SHAC@Clarion branch meeting, which will also agree on next steps.

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2 thoughts on “Clarion Tenants’ Five Point Improvement Plan”

  1. We would be interested to know how many Social housing tenants/residents have been targeted for eviction because they queried service charges or made complaints ?
    Targeted retaliation by landlords is illegal, and this corrupt uncivilised practice needs rooting out and ending.

    1. I have been managed for three years for unacceptable and unreasonable behaviour for complaining about the service charge issues that impact on rent increases and fixed asset maintenance. In that process I have been threatened with action and my tenancy, and even incidents of unreasonable behaviour has been fabricated to continue the process. I am now at a solicitors because of it

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