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Clarion: Bullying with a Capital B!

Peter has lived in Spencer House for eight years. It is a beautiful building of retirement accommodation, situated in a prime location in Belsize Park, almost exactly halfway between Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill. But now, without consulting residents, Clarion has decided to empty it and stop using it as a retirement home. Peter explains:… Continue reading Clarion: Bullying with a Capital B!


Cracking Clarion’s Disability Discrimination

By guest writer Fiona Downs I became a Clarion tenant via a mutual exchange in 2019. Before the move, I notified Clarion I was registered disabled and would require adaptations to be able to function in my home just like anyone else. I also explained that I care for an autistic family member. My housing… Continue reading Cracking Clarion’s Disability Discrimination

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Outsourced Repairs: A False Economy

Hexagon Housing spent almost £7m on repairs and maintenance in 2019, an increase of nearly 14% on the previous year. But does it receive value for money? Or is too much being squandered through outsourced sub-contractors? The landlord owns or manages around 4,300 houses and flats in south-east London. The organisation promises to deliver decent,… Continue reading Outsourced Repairs: A False Economy