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Service Charges: Unreasonable Laws

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3 thoughts on “Service Charges: Unreasonable Laws”

  1. Service charges and their inaccuracies is one thing, however, I would like to add something further. No tenant should have to pay on top of their rent any service charges. By agreeing to pay a service charge, it is opening the flood gates for profiteering from the greedy, over bloated Housing Association sector. This is another tax in disguise. We already pay taxes from our work, our shopping, if we go out to eat (optional service charge). These are to name but a few. We must stand against this blatant rip off, if they had their way, these greedy lot would have us pay for the air we breathe…oh old on a minute…we nearly do!

  2. We have been to a Tribunal and won some arguments about unfair charges but the Management company took no part although all correspondence between court and tenants has been sent to them. Although we paid court costs the Judge says he cannot enforce his judgement we have go court (pay fees) to try recover any money. What is point tribunals if they don’t have power to enforce their verdicts wasting money and considerable time for tenants

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