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SHAC Rent and Service Charge Strikes Grow and Collectivise

I am withholding payment because Clarion raised the service charge 20% without informing me any details or reasons beforehand.

Nina, Clarion resident

I’ve been on a service charge strike for three years because they haven’t acknowledged a complaint from 2021. Despite it being escalated to the Housing Ombudsman, I’ve had little contact from them.”

Ron, Gentoo tenant

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5 thoughts on “SHAC Rent and Service Charge Strikes Grow and Collectivise”

  1. I will be writing to the new CEO of NHG as my last letter fell on deaf ears also my service charges have now doubled.

    1. Sorry to hear that Molly.
      Be careful you are not targeted with fabricated anti social behaviour accusations by your landlord, as when we asked for service charge receipts from our social landlords in the interests of transparency…they turned very odious and have come out with all sorts of aggressive threats and we are now facing eviction on made up charges.

    1. Hi Gary – there isn’t really an average. If people withhold because of service charges, it is usually the total of the items under dispute. If it is another issue, for example disrepairs, it is usually whatever they feel represents the value of appropriate compensation. Some however are withholding all service charge or all rent because there is a big dispute with the landlord and usually because the landlord is messing them around.

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