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Housing Ombudsman on Good KIM

By SHAC with additional commentary by Carl Davis KIM in this context stands for knowledge and information management, and is the subject of a new Spotlight report by the Housing Ombudsman. The report is a combination of casework data and fresh, specially commissioned research. The report is well-evidenced and reaches 21 logical recommendations for social… Continue reading Housing Ombudsman on Good KIM

Tenant & Resident Democracy

SHAC Gives Evidence on Social Housing Regulation

In 2021, government began an inquiry into the regulation of social housing, covering both the Regulator of Social Housing and Housing Ombudsman. As part of the inquiry, the Committee issued a call for written evidence. SHAC was invited to respond. We submitted a written response and also gave evidence in person to the Inquiry.… Continue reading SHAC Gives Evidence on Social Housing Regulation